The Best Car Ramps In 2020

The Best Car Ramps In 2020

There are dozens of reasons you may need to lift the front or rear of your vehicle off of the ground for clearance to work beneath it—and whether you’re doing an oil change, an inspection, or changing or servicing some part beneath, car ramps are the go-to means to do it  for many applications.

If you’re in the show car or tuner scene, you might even use car ramps as a way to help show off your pride and joy, too.

At their core, car ramps are simple and almost universal: these tough, wedge-shaped assemblies are usually made of metal or reinforced polymers, plastics or rubber. They’re placed in front of your tires, and the vehicle is driven up on top of them, lifting it from the ground without the need for a hoist.

With an affordable set of car ramps, workable access to the underside of your ride is fast and easy. Below, we’ll look at some of the best car ramps and take a look at the unique features and attributes that help set them apart.

1. Editor’s Pick: RhinoGear RhinoRamps

These ramps earn our editors pick designation for their affordable pricing, (mostly) excellent owner reviews, and an array of added features and functionalities that create value. Built by a reputable name in car care and maintenance products, RhinoRamps are highly portable, very strong, relatively light, and nestable into one another—which improves portability and saves space in your workshop or garage.

A non-skid surface is applied to both the tread surface of the ramps, as well as their underside, to prevent slipping, improve safety, and make for easier use. These ramps can support 12,000 pound gross vehicle weight capacities, and are compatible with tires up to 9 inches wide. The 17-degree incline makes them nicely compatible with low-clearance or lowered vehicles, too.

A handful of owners have reported these ramps failing when used the first time—so for safety, always support the vehicle by an alternative means when working beneath it, and be sure to test the ramps by driving on and off of them a few times, before proceeding to work beneath.